Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium, La Crosse, WI

The Mary E. Sawyer Auditorium was donated, by the widow of William E. Sawyer in 1941, to the people of La Crosse. After a long debate about the location and cost, the auditorium was finally officially opened on September 29, 1955, as part of a three-day celebration. However, at the time of the official opening, it had already taken in income of $9,000. The building stood on Vine Street, between Fifth Avenue and Sixth Street. After the completion of the La Crosse Center in October 1980, the usage of auditorium declined, resulting in it being demolished in 1988 to make way for the La Crosse County Health and Human Services Building.

Source: La Crosse Tribune

Springsteen did 0 performances, excl. rehearsals, at this venue.

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