Music Inn (The), Stockbridge, MA

The Music Inn, Lennox, MA is actually located just over the Lenox town line in Stockbridge, MA. "The Music Inn" existed as a venue from 1950–1979, but most of that time it went by other names, and the air was filled with jazz and folk. Much more than a music venue, it included The Music Barn, The Lenox School of Jazz, The Lenox Arts Center, and Toad Hall Moviehouse. It was a place where musicians and critics would congregate to exchange theories and riffs. In 1970, Olga and Bob Weiss purchased large property tracts that included "The Music Barn", but when they went to the Stockbridge Select Board for permission to develop, they were turned down. So in 1973, the name was changed from "The Music Barn" to "The Music Inn" and the music changed from folk to rock and roll. However, during 1979, an Allman Brothers concert was disrupted and almost turned into a riot. The owners decided to close the place, went back to the board, and this time got their approval. The Music Inn is now a condominium development.

Springsteen did 1 performances, excl. rehearsals, at this venue.

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