Marlboro State Hospital, Marlboro, NJ

Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital was a hospital in Marlboro, New Jersey which was run by the State of New Jersey. Construction on the hospital began in 1929. It first opened in early 1931. According to the site plan the hospital's campus was on 468 acres (1.89 km2). There is a perimeter fence which completely enclosed the property. The land was mostly a rural environment. When closed, the hospital was on 594 acres (2.40 km2), having enlarged the grounds over the years. It opened with a capacity to accommodate 500-800 patients. The grounds which became the hospital were largely rural farms. However, there was a rather large distillery on the property which was torn down to make room for the hospital. The grounds construction continued after opening and when completed, the hospital was expected to have a capacity of 2,000 patients.

Source: Wikipedia

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